Friday, December 21, 2018

JIS Live Webinars - Caseload Reporting is a Good Start

By Christopher Abraham, Senior Manager, IT Services, Judicial Information Services
Judicial Information Services is finishing 2018 and heading into the New Year by offering some tips and best practices for court staff who are responsible for the annual caseload reporting in January and February 2019.  

Kent County Girls Court Addresses Female Juvenile Delinquency

By Marcela Moralez-Morris, Supervisor of Girls Court Program, 17th Circuit Court

The 17th Circuit Court created a Girls Court to address the growing trend of female juvenile offenders who come in contact with law enforcement and the court system.  Female offenders are increasing significantly nationwide, but the services available to help these young ladies are limited.  

Wayne County Friend of the Court's Outreach Within Reach

By Erin Lincoln, Interim Wayne County Friend of the Court Director and 3rd Circuit Court Deputy Court Administrator

Imagine navigating a 30-mile route from your home to your county’s friend of the court (FOC) office simply to get your child support questions answered.  Could you do so using public transportation?  Even with your own vehicle, would you have the money to pay $20 for parking?  Do you know which items you can bring into the courthouse?  Do you know whether you will be arrested when you appear at the FOC to have a question answered?  These are uncertainties and fears that many clients of the Wayne County FOC face when seeking answers to their child support questions.

Court Celebrates Families During Adoption Day in November

By MSC Public Information Office

"Today is a rare day in the court when there are no losers--only winners," said Chief Justice Stephen J. Markman, as he welcomed families, judges, case workers, and other guests to the Michigan Hall of Justice on November 26 for the Michigan Supreme Court’s annual Adoption Day celebration.

Crafting a Better Self-Help Center

By Ramzi Badwi, Program and Outreach Coordinator, Michigan Legal Help Program

Humble Beginnings is a website designed to provide legal information for self-represented litigants. The Michigan Legal Help Program (MLHP), although largely known for its website, has another, equally important aspect – its self-help centers (SHCs).  Self-help centers are brick-and-mortar extensions of – places where visitors can get free access to a computer and a high-speed Internet connection in order to use the website.  

Judge Sullivan Ends Commanding Run as Performance Measures Committee Chair

By Deb Marks, Management Assistance, State Court Administrative Office


Concluding a nine-year run as chair of the Trial Court Performance Measures Committee, Judge Paul Sullivan of the 17th Circuit Court in Kent County recently passed the baton to Judge Shana Lambourn of Ogemaw County Probate Court.  Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Stephen Markman stopped by to recognize Judge Sullivan for his service and to thank the entire committee—on behalf of the Court—for providing standards that are consistent and uniform, yet flexible.  He commented that if the people of Michigan understood the impact Judge Sullivan has had on the performance of the judiciary, they would also applaud his work, impact, and legacy. 

8th District Court Joins Coordinated Effort to Reduce the Use of Jails for Young Adults

By Honorable Christopher T. Haenicke, Chief Judge, 8th District Court

In early 2018, the 8th District Court partnered with the City of Kalamazoo and the County of Kalamazoo to submit an application to participate in the Intergovernmental Policy Academy: Young Adults and the Justice System (“Academy”).